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Hi, I'm Robin and I have been into swinging for over 10 years now. I also have my own adult website at http://www.robinshouse.com. KR and I have met hundreds of swinging couples and have been to numerous swing clubs. Have a question about swinging? That's what I'm here for... email your question to robin@swingertown.com

Dear Robin -

I think its wonderful that intelligent, down to earth, beautiful women like you explore your sexuality. I noticed on your site that you said you were kind of shy. I am shy and layed back also. One thing I love to see is a woman swallow a huge warm cum load and look him in the eye and tell him she enjoyed it. I never experienced that but I bet it is the ultimate feeling. I just want to know if you ever swallowed for mutiple partners at the same time if so was it an awesome experience for you. I'd love to hear from you and take care.

-Cum Curious

Dear CC -

Thanks so much for writing. I did get a chance to do that at a bukkake party I attended. Now mind you, my husband did not tell me it was that kind of party when he arranged for us to go (in fact, he later confessed he had no idea what bukkake was....lol). Needless to say, I had all the cum I could handle. You might not be aware, but cum has quite a variety of tastes and viscosities....lol (sort of like going to Jiffy Lube, only no one tells you beforehand if you are tanking up on 10W-30 or 10W-50...lol). I have only one word to describe the experience....interesting....*grin*. I really did meet some nice guys there, and a couple of other women as well (they were especially helpful in keeping my hair out of the way). Thanks so much for giving me your thoughts on the subject.


Dear Robin,

I really want to get into swinging but my wife isn't so receptive to the idea. How can I convince her to do it?

- Greg in Austraila

Dear Greg,

Isn't that always the way! It's usually the guy who wants to try this new experience, but his wife is totally oblivious *raising my hand here!!*...lol. When my hubby first introduced the idea, I thought maybe I should have him make an appointment to see a shrink...lol. "NO WAY!" is what I was thinking. Actually, what I was thinking was that there was no way that people ACTUALLY did that sort of thing...it only happens in the movies, right? WRONG!! It's a whole big lifestyle out there, with so many nice and very sexy people. SOOOOO...here's what you do. You could share your fantasy with your wife...saying it is strictly a fantasy. Concentrate on the part about her getting pleasure and how much it would turn you on to see her being pleasured. In other words, keep yourself out of the action...at first. See what her response is. If it's clear that she is turned on by the idea, you could have one foot in swingerland!! You could also try watching a video together. When my hubby brought home a video where a husband and wife were playing with another woman, he could see from my reaction that his fantasy had a chance of turning into a reality....*grin*.

No matter what you do, communication is really the key. Here are some important DON'Ts: Don't trick your wife into a swinging experience by telling her you are just meeting new friends, but not telling her about the possible sexual expectations. Don't be disappointed or upset if she is reluctant...just be patient. DO make sure she has a chance to ask questions and to talk with the potential couple. Usually, once she has the chance to see that they are nice people and not the white sex slavers she imagined, it may be easier for her to take the plunge. Above all, do not, as I have heard in one case, get her so drunk that she passes out during the initial meeting. Remember, she would want to make a good impression, not just a lasting one! I hope this is helpful to you, and ....good luck!!