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Link Trade Rules

  1. One (1) hit minimum to get listed.
  2. Swinger sites only. (Sites where the girl does more than one guy. No "I only do my boyfriend and other girls" sites)
  3. I prefer to only link with other swinger sites, but I will consider each request on an individual basis.
  4. All linking sites must be in English.
  5. No Animations (These Slow My Friends Page Down).
  6. No Link Lists / TopSites.
  7. No sites with numeric IP addresses.
  8. No sites that contain any type of trickery (hit bots, blind links, numerous exit consoles, or anything else that may leave the surfer in a state of bewilderment).
  9. No FREE hosted sites.
  10. No more than one entry per domain without my permission.
  11. In the event any of the above rules are broken you may be removed from our list without notice.

Thanks a bunch and I hope we can trade some quality traffic, Wayne and Jean :)

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